nucleosomeCafeMol is a general-purpose coarse-grained(CG) biomolecular modeling and simulation software.It can simulate proteins,nucleic acids,lipids and their mixture with various CG models.

CafeMol update (2013/7/1)

CafeMol 2.1 has been released. The manual has also been updated.

CafeMol update (2012/5/31)

We are glad to announce the release of CafeMol 2.0.

Next release (2012/5/9)(2012/03/29)

We plan to release CafeMol version 2.0 near the end of 2012 MayApril. (We apologize for the one-month delay.)

CafeMol paper in press to JCTC (2011/5/11)

An original paper that describes CafeMol software is accepted to Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (download from here).


Manual 2.1 and 1.0